COMP 110 Introduction to Computer Concepts

Campus: Vincennes University, Vincennes IN

Section: 000

Credit Hours: 3

Level: Undergraduate 

SAT Verbal score of (R)370 and Math score of (R)330 or greater or appropriate placement test scores 

Name: Julie Napier, ICN Coordinator
Phone: 812.888.5329 ext:

This course is designed as a one-semester study for students from all areas of concentration. Students will be exposed to the historic, current, and future roles of information systems as well as the importance of computers in all aspects of our modern society. General hardware and software features of modern systems will be discussed. Current word processing, spreadsheet, database, and presentation software will be covered. 

Special Info:
A proctor is required for exams. Students must have access with a browser such as Netscape or Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher version, and Microsoft Works 4.0 or greater or Microsoft Office.  

Tuition Fee Info:
The fee listed applies only to students who have selected this campus as their home institution. If this campus is not your home institution the fee may be different.
The fee listed may be the cost of a single credit hour (in which case, multiply it by the number of credit hours for the course) or the cost of the entire course, and is subject to change without notice. Contact the campus coordinator at the originating institution for more information.

Program Information:
Administrative Office Technology´┐ŻApplication Software Specialist   

Subject Area: Computer Information Systems 

Academic Term No semesters offered.