COMP 107 Web Page Design

Campus: Vincennes University, Vincennes IN

Section: 000

Credit Hours: 3

Level: Undergraduate 

ENGL 101 

Name: Julie Napier, ICN Coordinator
Phone: 812.888.5329 ext:

This course is designed for students learning the fundamentals of constructing well-designed home pages for the World Wide Web. The proper use of color, spacing, and graphics along with the importance of correct linking and use of copyrighted material will be presented. Course will explore the publishing features of various software available. The careful design and planning steps will lead to a thoughtful, readable, and worthwhile individual project. 

Special Info:
Student should have access to: an Internet connection, a Web browser such as Netscape 4.0 or higher or Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher, a text editor such as the Windows Notepad.  

Tuition Fee Info:
The fee listed applies only to students who have selected this campus as their home institution. If this campus is not your home institution the fee may be different.
The fee listed may be the cost of a single credit hour (in which case, multiply it by the number of credit hours for the course) or the cost of the entire course, and is subject to change without notice. Contact the campus coordinator at the originating institution for more information.

Subject Area: Web/New Media 

Academic Term No semesters offered.